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We are excited to announce our February campaign for Maak Impact! February is a month for celebrating love and we at Maak Impact have a simple question for you, do you love what we love? We love investing in changemakers and giving them the training, mentorship, environment and money to realize their dreams of changing the world. If we get 100 recurring donations of $10/month, we are able to pay one changemaker each month to work in our innovation lab and work to design solutions to the world’s most pressing problems including the one they are passionate about. If you love what we love, please consider a donation to help us make it a reality! 

Can you imagine not being able to provide food or shelter for your family? This is the circumstance Mr. Narison found himself in every day with his wife and 4 young kids in Madagascar, struggling to make, and live off of, $1-$3/day. Mr. Narsion worked every day as a taxi driver and spent over 80% of what he made in a day to rent the taxi and pay for its continued operation. This is the reason why we designed the Speedy Tuk Tuk program, so people like Mr. Narison were able to work towards owning their own taxi and putting the money into their own pocket. After completing his lease Mr. Narison is now able to make $10-$13/day, effectively quadrupling his income. The Speedy Tuk Tuk program has created over 150 jobs in Madagascar and directly benefitted over 400 family members of the drivers. This is the kind of program we know can make a long-term difference in creating jobs and allowing all individuals to enjoy their right to work and provide for their families. 

After years of working and solving problems using human-centered design principles in Madagascar, we are excited to be a supporting factor in creating more organizations like Speedy Tuk Tuk, organizations working to solve some of the world’s biggest problems.  

We have been hard at work building a new program called the Maak Impact Fellowship Program. It was designed to educate and better equip changemakers to design solutions that will create jobs. These jobs allow parents to provide the food and shelter their families desperately need. This education will set them on the path to creating innovative companies and organizations that will provide opportunities for people around the world to lift themselves out of the poverty trap.

At Maak Impact we believe it is the right of every human to be able to work and provide for their families. We also believe it is the next generation of changemakers that have the ability to create these opportunities for thousands of families. 

We are raising money to educate these changemakers in the art of innovation to enable them to solve problems and create real, sustainable solutions for families around the world. Through our Fellowship program, enrolled students will get the opportunity to solve REAL problems in REAL social ventures and get experience traveling to, researching, and testing their solutions in the country where the social venture is based. ?WE want to get the next generation of changemakers out of the classroom and into the field so they can learn about and design for people suffering from poverty. 

Our goal is to raise $10,000 this #givingtuesday to educate these changemakers who will create opportunities for individuals to enjoy their right to work and provide for their families. Donate Now! 

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